Marlies Rohmer makes sketches to seduce the eye – her own, and that of others. The sketches may explore an interim state of affairs, or may be made in retrospect. They range from unsightly blobs for conveying initial ideas to colleagues, to presentation drawings aimed at winning a competition. Some sketches are way off base in perspective or similar respects, while others are utterly precise.
Rohmer’s passion for sketching arose during her student years at the TU. She followed all the drawing classes that the university offered, including noncompulsory ones. The varied exercises, among them live model-drawing, helped build her drawing skills. Since then she has developed a highly individual style, involving the use of varied techniques and taking inspiration from her visits to exhibitions of fine art.
Her sketching enthusiasm rubs off on the office. The staff elaborate the various ongoing projects in joint sketching studios. Younger members are inclined to polish up the sketches on their computers between sessions, so that the resulting images show a combination of different skills. The architectural models may similarly receive a painterly treatment with acrylics.
The originals are often little more than smudged scraps of paper, yet take on an expressive roughness when enlarged. These sketches convey exactly the intended rugged character.


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