Internship experiences

Victoria McCartney


As a Canadian coming to the Netherlands for the very first time, I was excited, but also a little nervous. However, the team at Marlies Rohmer A&U was very accommodating, and they were able to answer all of my questions and prepare me for my arrival. The experience I had at Marlies Rohmer A&U is one that I will never forget. By working in a small office, you get to work side-by-side with talented architects, who guide and educate you throughout the entire internship. There is a lot of responsibility required of the position, however the experience that you gain is monumental. You get to participate thoroughly in the development of the projects, with the opportunity to contribute your own ideas – something that interns rarely get to do.

The projects aren’t the only great thing about working at Marlies Rohmer A&U. One of my favourite memories about the office was the people that I worked with. The environment of the office is friendly and outgoing, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

I highly recommend that anyone, from anywhere, applies for an internship at Marlies Rohmer A&U. I promise that it will be unforgettable.

Victoria McCartney, October 2016


Yolande de Vries (TU Delft)


INTERNSHIP FEBRUARY – JULY 2015 at Marlies Rohmer Architects & Urbanists

In order to gain experience in architectural practice, something I was missing in my education at Delft University of Technology, I decided to do an internship at Marlies Rohmer Architects & Urbanists, between the first and second year of my masters Architecture. This turned out to be a good decision, after all the years of fictitious projects at university it was very interesting and instructive to finally experience what it’s like in the real architecture world. What I found to be especially enjoyable in this internship was the variety of activities that I was able to engage in. I worked on several projects, in various stages of design. Because of that, I was not only working in Autocad all the time or making models for half a year, something that’s not always the case with an internship! I also learned a lot from being able to sit in in all kinds of meetings.

In my internship I have gained skills in presenting my ideas clearly and in a convincing manner. In addition to that, I improved in abilities and speed in various CAD programs, especially regarding to the use of it in architectural practice. The team is close and everybody is always willing to help you. The inspiring location of the office in the centre of Amsterdam, in a building with a lot of other architecture offices as well, is the icing on the cake. Being an intern at Marlies Rohmer A&U means working hard and learning a lot, but within normal office hours (another thing that is not always the case..). If you try your best, they will make it worth your while!

Yolande de Vries, August 2015


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