Building for the NEXT GENERATION

Bouwen voor de Next Generation (“Building for the Next Generation”) is a publication by Marlies Rohmer in which she reveals how her architecture studio has tackled the task of building for young people during the last ten years. It is based on research into contemporary youth culture and its social context.

Bouwen voor de Next Generation uses words and images to present an analysis, with a focus on design practice, of recent phenomena such as the experience economy, cultural diversity, changing family relationships, new forms of education, the rise of “white” and “black” schools and the problem of increasing childhood obesity. The book couples these social issues to design projects which range from urban environments to schools. The concepts include networks of playing and sports fields, the climbable school, the broad school (a school with additional community functions), the school as a landmark and as a place of encounter and social control, the school playground as a neighbourhood plaza, and the flexible school with à la carte space. The author presents a diverse and colourful study of the subject matter using her own built projects and models, examples by other architects, newspaper clippings and passages from various academic studies.

Bouwen voor de Next Generation is a book for everyone interested in architecture and urbanism in relation to young people and society.

Marlies Rohmer, including essays of Hans Ibelings, IJsbrand van Veelen and Gijs van Oenen. Editors: Anneloes van der Leun and Hans Ibelings.

Design: Studio Anthon Beeke / f.c. illustrated / Paperback / 240 pages / 21 x 25 cm / April 2007

Dutch edition / ISBN 90-5662-545-4 / 978-90-5662-545-0  / € 29,50 / NAI-Publishers


Building for the Next Generation available in English print version.

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Building for the NEXT GENERATION 


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