Nieuwmarkt Police Station

The master plan for part of the Nieuwmarkt neighbourhood in Amsterdam included the provision of a police station facing the Flesseman Building (by Wijdeveld, ca. 1930). The canteen and conference rooms are contained in a large glazed ‘oriel’ at first floor level whose size matches a similar oriel of Wijdeveld’s building opposite, and which expresses the public function. The relatively opaque ground floor contains functions such as cells. The building is characterized by a maximum contrast between opacity and transparency (the projecting oriel), and by maximum internal and external surveillance. 
The entrances are situated under the canopy of the oriel. There is an entrance for arrestees as close as possible to Nieuwmarkt, and a separate one for general use on Keizersplein. The cell block slots under the apartments and into the garden. Cells and other potentially noisy functions are designed as a ‘detached’ box within the main structure in order to reduce the likelihood of disturbance to the occupants of the dwellings above. The quiet office functions on the first floor of the police station provide an additional acoustic barrier between the apartments and the ground floor. The public functions in the ‘oriel’ enjoy a view over the Nieuwmarkt. Three private-sector maisonettes are situated above the police station. These have a shallow plan depth so as to allow more daylight to reach the crèche garden at their rear. The materials and colours of the building harmonize with the historic surroundings.


Amsterdam, NL, 1992-1998
Public Buildings

67 dwellings, police station, urban plan for public space Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam, basketball field

Marlies Rohmer Architects & Urbanists

Marlies Rohmer

Floris Hund
Corine Keus
Irene Wijffelman
Floor Arons
Arie van Kampen
Theo Houtkoop

Politie regio Amsterdam Amstelland
Bemog project ontwikkeling
Woningbedrijf Amsterdam Dienst Stedelijk beheer

structural engineer
Evers Partners, IJmuiden

building contractor
Koninklijke BAM Groep, Bunnik

Siebe Swart
Jan Derwig
Hans van Meerwijk
Kees Rutten

design date


Wijkteam bureau Nieuwmarkt: GFA: 900 m2
16 private sector dwellings: GFA: 2.064 m2
51 social rent dwellings: GFA: 8.631 m2
public space: GFA: 1.100 m2


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