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Location and Program

The current location of primary school Ravensteijn is the location for a new school, now three primary schools are included and a range of socio-cultural and social amenities such as a nursery, a kindergarten, extra care, a large gym with club room, media center, a parent-child center , rooms for social work and meeting spaces.
Two rings, together forming an eight, are draped diagonally in the immense square. Thus there are separate playgrounds around, while the space will be experienced like a fluid whole.
The large, higher ring with two layers of 38 social rented appartments is a nice counterbalance to the large building “the harlequin”, opposite to the school.
Next to the canal and the existing dwellings on the other side of the water, the school will be only two layers high, and the residents will encounter a minimum sight obstruction.

Not only from the urban perspective, but also because of organizational and programmatic aspects, there is chosen the form of a double circle. In the large circle around a central gym three primary schools organized on the basis of the principle of ‘working together apart. The schools are each housed in two floors, the foundation on the ground floor is located, and the middle and the upper floor.
Each school has the central main entrance next to the possibility of a private entrance, resulting in the need to retain their own identity is provided.
In the small circle are common and other school functions located around a patio, which can be used as daytime buitenspeelruimte for toddlers.
In the central part of the building, where the two circles meet, is a large entrance hall with a gallery designed. Here, school festivities take place with game rooms and auditorium use. This form, as it were, the circular arena, the heart, which all functions.
Where the two round buildings are intertwined emergence obvious inputs for the common functions of the Broad Wijkschool, the main entrance to the district court and an entry in the wake of the bridge over the canal Schuit Gracht. On this side is the entrance to the dwellings.
The shape of the school in line with the staging of the scenic location. A flower motif that are based in this form, is also a source of inspiration for the walls. Façade of plastic aluminum and awnings give the building an expressive and butterfly-like character. Color Planes per local close here.

The ‘broad’ school
Around the building there is scope for each school separately, on the southwest side seamlessly deliquescent in a large square area, whose integration with the school by supervisor Wytze Patijn underlined. Several participants, such as perhaps a speeltuinvereniging, the neighborhood and the school can use the square and not unimportant: manage. The kiss and ride area and the entrance to the parking garage are positioned so that no interfering hybrids with the use of the square.

Parking: Cars and bikes
The building is in a halfverdiepte car park with approximately 50 parking spaces for residents and employees, directly connected to the building by two lifts.
In the basement area for a lockable bicycle parking for residents of rental housing.
At ground level around the outside walls of the two rings bicycle clips for bicycles made of teachers and students. The shelves in some parts of the day not be used, are part of gevelornamentiek of the steel plinth.


Vlissingen, NL, 2005-2011
Highlights, Housing, Mixed use, Public Buildings, Schools

Community school, Vlissingen: 3 primary schools, daycare with 3 groups, nursery school, after school care, gym (NOC/NSF), media library, consultation office, boardrooms and 38 senior housing with garage (50 places).
Fresh school: Class B

Municipality Vlissingen,
l’escaut woonservice with
PMB Marsaki bv

Marlies Rohmer Architects & Urbanists

Marlies Rohmer

Ronald Hageman
Simone van den Brink
Gieneke Pieterse
Joachim Karelse
Boris Briels
Arjan van Ruyven
Fabian van den Bosch
Kirsten Gabriëls
Frank Zijlstra
Heleen Reedijk

Bartels Ingenieursbureau, Lochem
DWA installatie- en energieadvies, Bodegraven

Walchersebouw unie, Middelburg &
aannemersbedrijf Van der Poel, Terneuzen

Scagliola Brakkee fotografie, Rotterdam



GFA: ca. 11.000 m²


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