Child- and Youth Centre Heliomare, NL

Child- and Youth Centre Heliomare and a Multifunctional Sports Accommodation

Rehabilitation centre Heliomare and Heemskerk municipality co-operate to develop the planning area ‘De Velst’. The child and youth centre (CYC) Heliomare will become a unique place in which all services that concern children and teenagers with an impairment are combined in one building. Within this building a municipal multifunctional sports accommodation, including four gymnasiums and a swimming pool, will be integrated. The building, a compact and robust building block of approximately 12.000 m2, will be centred around a public plaza containing a restaurant, meeting facilities and patio. The building opens itself to its surroundings with a surrounding porch that forms a transition space between the learning environment and the outside world. The public space surrounding the building will be created into a park with playgrounds for children of all ages and has parking spaces for minivans in proximity to the building.

CYC South focuses on children and teenagers from 0 to 20 years old. The children that receive education and/or rehabilitation therapy at CYC have a physical, mental or social-emotional disability. A large part of this group has profound multiple disabilities. Within this range there is a large variation in disabilities, as well as in the extent to which children can be independent. A lot of children use disability aids, among which is a large variety of wheelchairs.


Heemskerk, NL, 2015-2017
Healthcare, Highlights, Mixed use, Schools

Child- Youth Centre (KJC) aimed at children and youth from 0-20 years: education, rehabilitation, expertise / clinic, plaza / restaurant. Multifunctional Sports accommodation (MFS): NOC * NSF 4 gymnasiums and a swimming pool.

Stichting Heliomare Onderwijs en Gemeente Heemskerk

Marlies Rohmer Architects & Urbanists

Marlies Rohmer

Marlies Rohmer
Fabian van den Bosch
Ronald Hageman
Yolande de Vries

urban (master)plan
Contractvorm Engineering & Build

building contractor
Pellikaan Bouwbedrijf

Bouwadviesbureau Strackee
Van Zanten Raadgevend Ingenieurs (ZRi)
DPA Cauberg-Huygen Raadgevende Ingenieurs

design date
2014 – 2015

Planned completion: 2017

area / total building cost
GFA: 12.000 m2
€ 14.364.783 excl. VAT
(€ 1.200/m2)


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