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Neighbourhood Factory

The Bellamy neighbourhood in the Oud West district of Amsterdam was largely built in the nineteenth century. Its small-scale buildings give it a villagey character. Mixed functions, improved liveliness, public safety enhancements and a varied housing programme have helped reinforce the social structure. Close consultation with local residents resulted in a distinctive five-storey building – an inviting ‘neighbourhood factory’.
The building’s plinth has a transparent character, with the ground floor occupied by small-scale business and workshop premises, a youth facility and a ‘grand café’ with a view of the water. The upper floors comprise a variety of dwelling types: one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, homes with extra facilities for elderly occupants, maisonettes and a penthouse with a roof terrace. Each dwelling has large folding glass windows which can be fully opened, uniting the outside space with the interior.
The white concrete ‘shelves’, the large roof units and the steel escape stairway give the building a factory-like ambience. Executing all the building’s components in the same colour resulted in a restful, sturdy-looking overall design. With its factory look, the building harmonizes with the neighbourhood and refers back to its industrial antecendents.


Amsterdam, NL, 2004-2010
Housing, Mixed use

building with varied programme;
26 dwellings, small scale-business, workshop premises, grand-café, De Baarsjes, Amsterdam

Stadgenoot, Amsterdam

Marlies Rohmer Architects & Urbanists

Marlies Rohmer

Floris Hund (coorperating architect)
Gieneke Pieterse (project coördinator)
Kirsten Gabriëls (assistant designer/coördinator)
Ido de Boer
Marie Louise Greger
Charles Hueber

structural engineer
Constructiebureau Tentij BV, Heemskerk

Installations adviseurs Wolf + Dikken, Wateringen

building contractor
Aannemingsbedrijf F.W. Onrust bv. Zaandam
Ballast Nedam noord-west

Luuk Kramer



GFA: 6.260 m²


Copyright Marlies Rohmer Architects & Urbanists